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Fernald Visitors Center Sign System

08 Apr 2008 / in

The Department of Energy undertook a massive effort to clean the nuclear waste accident site at the former Fernald feed plant in rural Ohio. A part of that effort included restoring the site to its natural condition before the original Cold War plant was built and designating a metal warehouse building to become a visitor center to tell the entire story.

The University of Cincinnati’s Design, Architecture, Art, & Planning (DAAP) program was tapped to produce a study of what design course would be most effective. Over the course of several years, multiple staff and faculty members contributed to design proposals and ran interdisciplinary undergraduate studios to design the exhibits and visitor experience up to the point where it could be passed on to professional production firms for execution.

Darrin Scott Hunter, owner of Dish Design, acted as the graduate assistant for the Fernald design studios and then transitioned to be a part of the faculty team that completed design intent and budgeting documents for architecture, interiors, and engineering firms to begin their contract work. He managed the graphic design co-op students who executed the exhibit design concepts and final production artwork while designing and finishing production work of his own on the Fernald brochure system, interpretive trail signage and building signage systems.