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Academic Courses

30 Jun 2012 / in

Darrin Scott Hunter, owner of Dish Design LLC, served as a graduate assistant in several studios while in graduate school at UC’s Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning program from 2006-2008. He stayed on for four additional years as a full-time adjunct instructor and Visiting Assistant Professor in the School of Design (digital, graphic, industrial, fashion).

The following is a complete transcript of his academic courses, from which a broad range of coordinated teaching materials have been adapted for corporate training seminars in a variety of photography and visual communications topics:

08A = 2008 Autumn
23 = college code (DAAP)
FDST = Foundation studies
FDPD = Fashion design product development
GRPH = Graphic Design
DGTL = Digital Design
ARCH = Architecture
101002 = '101' course number + '002' section number
08A_23FDST101002: (08A) FOUND STUDIO COLOR (002)
08A_23FDPD261001: (08A) INTRODUCTION TO CAD (001)
09A_23GRPH101001: (09A) GRAPHIC DES BASICS (001)
09A_23FDPD261001: (09A) INTRODUCTION TO CAD (001)
09S_23FDST103002: (09S) FOUND STUDIO SPACE (002)
09S_23FDPD261001: (09S) INTRODUCTION TO CAD (001)
09S_23FDPD261002: (09S) INTRODUCTION TO CAD (002)
09U_23FDPD261401: (09U) INTRODUCTION TO CAD (401)
09U_23FDPD261402: (09U) INTRODUCTION TO CAD (402)
09U_23FDPD453401: (09U) PRODUCT DEV I (401)
09W_23FDST102002: (09W) FOUND STUDIO FORM (002)
09W_23FDPD261001: (09W) INTRODUCTION TO CAD (001)
10A_23GRPH341001: (10A) COMMUNIC DESIGN I (001)
10A_23FDST832007: (10A) DES GRAD STUDIES (007)
10A_23FDST731007: (10A) DES GRAD STUDIES (007)
10A_23FDST833007: (10A) DES GRAD STUDIES (007)
10A_23FDST831007: (10A) DES GRAD STUDIES (007)
10A_23FDST732007: (10A) DES GRAD STUDIES (007)
10A_23FDST733007: (10A) DES GRAD STUDIES (007)
10A_23FDST131001: (10A) DIGITAL DESGN FUND (001)
10A_23FDST131002: (10A) DIGITAL DESGN FUND (002)
10A_23FDST131003: (10A) DIGITAL DESGN FUND (003)
10A_23GRPH571001: (10A) GD SEM VII:SYNTH (001)
10A_23GRPH101001: (10A) GRAPHIC DES BASICS (001)
10A_23GRPH488004: (10A) INDEPENDENT STUDIES (004)
10A_23FDST531001: (10A) TECH INSTRUCT PRAC (001)
10S_23GRPH111001: (10S) DIGITAL IMAGING ESS (001)
10S_23ARCH101001: (10S) EXPERIENCING ARCH (001)
10U_23ARCH101001: (10U) EXPERIENCING ARCH (001)
10U_23FDPD261401: (10U) INTRODUCTION TO CAD (401)
10U_23FDPD261402: (10U) INTRODUCTION TO CAD (402)
10U_23GRPH121401: (10U) PHOTOSHOP (401)
10U_23GRPH121402: (10U) PHOTOSHOP (402)
10W_23GRPH111001: (10W) DIGITAL IMAGING ESS (001)
10W_23GRPH101001: (10W) GRAPHIC DES BASICS (001)
11A_23FDST733007: (11A) DES GRAD STUDIES (007)
11A_23FDST732007: (11A) DES GRAD STUDIES (007)
11A_23FDST832007: (11A) DES GRAD STUDIES (007)
11A_23FDST831007: (11A) DES GRAD STUDIES (007)
11A_23FDST731007: (11A) DES GRAD STUDIES (007)
11A_23FDST131001: (11A) DIGITAL DESGN FUND (001)
11A_23FDST131002: (11A) DIGITAL DESGN FUND (002)
11A_23FDST131003: (11A) DIGITAL DESGN FUND (003)
11A_23FDST131004: (11A) DIGITAL DESGN FUND (004)
11A_23GRPH111001: (11A) DIGITAL IMAGING ESS (001)
11A_23DGTL371001: (11A) DIGTL DES SEM IV (001)
11A_23GRPH571001: (11A) GD SEM VII:SYNTH (001)
11A_23GRPH101001: (11A) GRAPHIC DES BASICS (001)
11A_23FDST531001: (11A) TECH INSTRUCT PRAC (001)
11S_23FDST731007: (11S) DES GRAD STUDIES (007)
11S_23FDST732007: (11S) DES GRAD STUDIES (007)
11S_23FDST733007: (11S) DES GRAD STUDIES (007)
11S_23FDST833007: (11S) DES GRAD STUDIES (007)
11S_23FDST832007: (11S) DES GRAD STUDIES (007)
11S_23FDST831007: (11S) DES GRAD STUDIES (007)
11S_23DGTL412001: (11S) DES IDEATION III (001)
11S_23GRPH552002: (11S) DES SYSTEMS IV (002)
11S_23FDST133002: (11S) DIGITAL DESGN FUND (002)
11S_23DGTL472001: (11S) DIGTL DES SEM VII (001)
11S_23GRPH332001: (11S) DRAWN DESIGN III (001)
11S_23FDST133001: (11S) DIGITAL DESGN FUND (001)
11S_23FDST533001: (11S) TECH INSTRUCT PRAC (001)
11U_23FDST731408: (11U) DES GRAD STUDIES (408)
11U_23FDST833408: (11U) DES GRAD STUDIES (408)
11U_23FDST831408: (11U) DES GRAD STUDIES (408)
11U_23FDST732408: (11U) DES GRAD STUDIES (408)
11U_23FDST733408: (11U) DES GRAD STUDIES (408)
11U_23FDST131101: (11U) DIGITAL DESGN FUND (101)
11U_23FDST132201: (11U) DIGITAL DESGN FUND (201)
11U_23FDST133301: (11U) DIGITAL DESGN FUND (301)
11U_23FDPD261401: (11U) INTRODUCTION TO CAD (401)
11U_23FDPD261402: (11U) INTRODUCTION TO CAD (402)
11U_23FDST531101: (11U) TECH INSTRUCT PRAC (101)
11U_23FDST532201: (11U) TECH INSTRUCT PRAC (201)
11U_23FDST533301: (11U) TECH INSTRUCT PRAC (301)
11W_23GRPH341001: (11W) COMMUNIC DESIGN I (001)
11W_23FDST132001: (11W) DIGITAL DESGN FUND (001)
11W_23FDST132002: (11W) DIGITAL DESGN FUND (002)
11W_23GRPH571001: (11W) GD SEM VII:SYNTH (001)
11W_23GRPH101001: (11W) GRAPHIC DES BASICS (001)
11W_23FDST532001: (11W) TECH INSTRUCT PRAC (001)
12S_23DGTL472001: (12S) DIGTL DES SEM VII (001)
12S_23FDPD261001: (12S) INTRODUCTION TO CAD (001)
12S_23FDPD261002: (12S) INTRODUCTION TO CAD (002)
12S_23DSGN103001: (12S) PORTFOLIO (001)
12S_23FDST533002: (12S) TECH INSTRUCT PRAC (002)
12W_23FDST580001: (12W) DESIGN TOPICS (001)
12W_23GRPH111001: (12W) DIGITAL IMAGING ESS (001)
12W_23GRPH101001: (12W) GRAPHIC DES BASICS (001)
12W_23FDST532001: (12W) TECH INSTRUCT PRAC (001)