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Archive for: Information

Scientific Poster Makeover: Before & After

13 Jun 2012 / in

A graphic makeover to improve the reading experience of a scientific research poster

Pedagogy Research

11 Nov 2011 / in ,

Diagrams of ‘authentic inquiry’ pedagogy research and Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

ELIA: Energy Facts Labeling

10 May 2008 / in

Design provocation for mandatory energy facts labeling for consumer goods

Fernald Visitors Center Exhibit

08 Apr 2008 / in ,

Environmental graphics and exhibit experience for visitors at a nature preserve built on a Cold War nuclear waste accident site

Fernald Visitor Center Publications

08 Apr 2008 / in , ,

Brochures, budgetary and design intent documentation of exhibits in a nature preserve visitor center

UC Student Center in Color + Light + Data

21 Mar 2008 / in

Proposal to renovate the University of Cincinnati student center with colored light and data

Color Mix

15 Nov 2007 / in

A classic color study designed by professor Dennis Puhalla at UC-DAAP, extended by information design and analysis

Spatial Sync Chart

30 Nov 2006 / in

The graphic analysis of a day’s activities along virtual-physical and synchronous-asynchronous axes

Taft Museum Renovation Timeline Mural

07 Feb 2006 / in

Informational mural showcasing the detailed renovation and history of the Taft Museum of Art in Cincinnati

Uptown Arts Renovation Timeline Mural

20 Oct 2003 / in ,

Information design of timeline mural installation depicting the construction process of an urban arts education facility