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Archive for: Identity

Ruth’s Parkside Cafe

06 Nov 2016 / in ,

Dish Design helps Ruth’s Parkside Cafe update its legacy from a former restaurant that caters to the “tattoos to pearls” alternative set…

Wolf Maison Architecture + Design

30 Dec 2012 / in

Wolf Maison needed evolution, not revolution, in updating their architectural design firm’s identity system.

Case Study: Emersion Design Identity

20 Feb 2011 / in ,

Comprehensive visual communications for a Cincinnati environmental design firm

Case Study: International Viola Congress 2010

20 Nov 2010 / in , , ,

Complete cross-media design solution for an international music conference


28 Sep 2010 / in ,

Identity mark and promotional posters for open-enrollment course series

Wakefield-Scearce Antique Galleries Identity

10 May 2010 / in

Identity system exploration for an established antiques gallery in northern Kentucky

Fort Thomas Independent Schools Identity

15 Apr 2008 / in

Complete visual identity system for a five-school system in northern Kentucky

Fernald Visitor Center Publications

08 Apr 2008 / in , ,

Brochures, budgetary and design intent documentation of exhibits in a nature preserve visitor center

ZERO Global Warming Brand

14 Mar 2008 / in

A proposal for a brand called ZERO focused on fighting global warming and providing incentive for citizen action

DAAP Graduate League

30 Sep 2007 / in

Identity, promotion, and event design for a meta-association of interdisciplinary graduate student designers at UC (Cincinnati)